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3.Why OData?


There is a lot of data on the web today but lot of it is locked up in different specific applications or formats and different to access from outside. Many Organizations have now started exposing data using REST based services however, it is difficult to write applications which works with multiple data sources as each provider will expose the data in a slightly different way. OData service producer can expose its service along with metadata which contains the semantics for consumption. OData exploits the common formats like XML, Atom and JSON for communication which are commonly understood. Clients can now understand these OData services using generic tools and can combine information from multiple data sources.

Exposing your data with OData services comes with multifold advantages. For example, as we mentioned earlier, as a consumer, you need not worry about the programming language used by producer as long as the services are exposed as OData service.

OData provides the middleware between producers and consumers to communicate data.

It has the ability to engage developers with or without SAP Knowledge within their development tool of choice. It provides rapid development approach along with the Standard and simple service interfaces (REST) and data protocols (OData/ATOM).

The below mentioned points adds focus to the advantages offered-

1. Opening the door for millions of developers to create solutions connecting to SAP

2. Reduce complexity, skill set requirements and deployment barriers

3. Shorten development times/cycles

4. Converting RFCs to OData using Gateway

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