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4.SAP Gateway Architecture


For Business Users, ease of access has become critical with the advent of various mobile devices that support end-to-end scenarios and also provides a rich user experience. There is a need to better integrate data, reduce complexity and improve productivity. This has been a challenge for the Developer community to be able to support multiple platforms to consume enterprise data more easily than ever before and on the other hand provide solutions that are scalable and with low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

Point-to-point solutions are not the right way as it has lot of drawbacks including duplication of development effort, increased cost, complex landscape, poor scalability and difficult to maintain.

SAP NetWeaver Gateway is a technology that has the answer to this. It can seamlessly connect devices, platforms and environments to SAP Enterprise Data using the OData services. SAP NetWeaver Gateway offers connectivity to SAP Business data using any programming language and without the need of strong SAP development knowledge.

SAP NetWeaver Gateway comes with design-time tools to facilitate modeling OData services for consumption. These tools improve user experience and provide automatic connectivity to the SAP backend that reduces development efforts and improves productivity.

SAP NetWeaver Gateway sits on top of the existing SAP Backend infrastructure. There are set of add-on components that needs to be installed on a SAP Backend system to enable SAP NetWeaver Gateway services. It is this architecture that enables consumption of SAP data by variety of interfaces such as BAPIs and RFCs

SAP NetWeaver Gateway Service Builder tools is SAP GUI based modeler to create and publish OData services using transaction SEGW.

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