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2.Enable BAS on BTP.


In this blog we will enable Business Application Studio, which is our development environment through out blog to learn and create application.

  • Click on Register
  • Enter your details
  • Enter Details as needed
  • Verify Email

  • Below subject and format of verification mail
  • Click to activate your account
  • You will be redirected to page to finalize your account and set password
  • Set password with required condition , click on check box and press Submit.
  • You have successfully created your account now you will able to access resources of SAP.
  1. BAS is in cloud hence we will click link highlighted below.
  1. It will navigate you to below page where you need to enter your email id same as you have created trail account.
  1. Verify your phone number, you will be receiving OTP on phonenumber you have entered while registering.
  1. Press Continue
  1. Click on checkbox and Accept.
  1. You will see the screen below and press Accept again.
  1. Below is the main screen you will see frequently
  1. Click on link Use the free trial at https://account.hanatrial.ondemand.com/
  1. Select region US East / Singapore – Azure any of your liking
  • Click on create account
  • As it is setting up your environment in cloud it will take time.
  • Once it’s all done please press continue.
  • Go to trial account , we need to activate service for using BAS
  • To activate service, click on Services
  • In Service click on Service Market Place and search for Business Application studio
  • Click on Instances and Subscriptions
  • You will able to see below screen now click on Create as highlighted please remember that in application you should be able to observe SAP Business Application Studio
  • Click on Business Application Studio
  • It will navigate to below screen click on check box and press Ok
  • Here you go, your environment is ready and you can create a space
  • Give name of Dev space and select radio button SAP Fiori to develop Fiori application
  • Press on Create Dev Space
  • Dev space is getting create , you can bookmark(ctrl+D) this URL for future reference as we can directly access URL to enter into dev space/ BAS.
  • Phase will be changed from starting to Running and you are good to go, click on it.
  • Bingo , your setup is ready now you are good to begin SAP UI5 coding.
  • Below is the actual platform oncloud where we will create SAP UI5/Fiori application.

Now in next blog we will learn about basic of BAS and will start development.

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