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4. Welcome – HTML Application


In this blog we will create basic application from template.

File -> New Project from Template

Below view will appear as we are learning SAP UI5 we will select SAP Fiori application and Click on Start. , we will learn about other advance templates later once you are familiar with SAP UI5/Fiori.

We will select Basic as we will be creating freestyle application , starting with empty page.

We will keep Data Source as None.

Next screen will Entity Selection which will have our first view , keep name as it is and press Next.

Below options will appear Keep eye on projects and rest option is No as we are only learning and we are not going to deploy. Click on Finish.

It will take time and installing dependency. To check

Once dependencies are installed and you will see project has been generated.

Now application is successfully generated. You will able to see “project1” as your application name and other folders and file we will understand each in detail in next blog.

To view application right click on project1 and select Preview Applicaiton.

Select start-noflp , we will be understand all in detail.

Below commands will be auto executed and it will load application in new tab(make sure pop-up block should be disable).

Bing, you have successfully created applicaiton.

Now in next blog , we will understand each file and folders in details

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