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Work hard, work smart!


Once upon a time, in the heart of a vast forest, there lived a woodcutter known far and wide for his strength and determination. His muscles rippled beneath his flannel shirt, and his resolve was as sturdy as the trees he felled. One day, he sought employment with a timber merchant, hoping to ply his trade in a new setting. To his delight, he secured the position, enticed by the promise of generous pay and favorable working conditions.

Armed with a gleaming ax and guided by his employer’s instructions, the woodcutter ventured into the woods, ready to showcase his prowess. On the inaugural day, he returned bearing a bounty of 21 trees, his arms brimming with accomplishment. “Impressive,” the boss remarked, nodding approvingly. “Continue on this trajectory!”

Bolstered by the boss’s praise, the woodcutter resolved to surpass his own feats. Yet, as the days passed, a shadow of perplexity crept over him. Despite his unwavering efforts, the number of trees he felled dwindled with each passing sun. His brow furrowed with consternation, he grappled with a conundrum he could not unravel.

“It defies logic,” he murmured to himself, his frustration mounting. Seeking solace and understanding, he sought counsel from his employer. “I seem to falter,” he confessed, his voice tinged with uncertainty. “I cannot comprehend this decline in productivity.”

The timber merchant regarded him with a sage gaze, probing beneath the surface of the woodcutter’s distress. “Tell me,” he inquired gently, “when did you last sharpen your ax?”

The woodcutter’s eyes widened in realization, a flicker of understanding illuminating his features. “Sharpen?” he echoed, his voice tinged with chagrin. “I confess, amidst the flurry of labor, I neglected this essential task.”

With newfound clarity, the woodcutter grasped the profound lesson hidden within his plight. It was not merely the effort expended that determined success, but the wisdom to discern where to direct that effort. Armed with a freshly honed ax and a revitalized perspective, he returned to the forest, poised to conquer challenges with a blend of diligence and discernment.

And so, the legend of the wise woodcutter echoed through the ages, a testament to the transformative power of working not only hard, but smart.

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