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Don’t hold on to anger!


In a tranquil village nestled amidst the verdant expanse of rural India, there dwelled a revered sage known as Guru Dev. His reputation for sagacity and compassion transcended the boundaries of his humble abode, drawing seekers from across the land to bask in the glow of his wisdom.

One sultry afternoon, a troubled youth named Rajiv traversed the dusty paths to Guru Dev’s modest dwelling, his heart heavy with the burden of resentment and anger. With furrowed brow and clenched fists, Rajiv unleashed a torrent of grievances, recounting the injustices that had seared his soul and ignited the flames of vengeance within.

Guru Dev received Rajiv’s tumultuous outpouring with serene equanimity, his gentle gaze a beacon of tranquility amidst the tempest of Rajiv’s emotions. “I perceive the turmoil that consumes you,” he observed, his voice a soothing balm to Rajiv’s troubled spirit. “But know this: anger, if left unchecked, consumes not only its target but also the one who bears it.”

Rajiv bristled at Guru Dev’s seemingly passive response, his impatience mounting with each measured word. “But what of justice?” he demanded, his voice tinged with frustration. “Should I not seek retribution for the wrongs inflicted upon me?”

With infinite patience, Guru Dev sought to impart his timeless wisdom. “Consider this,” he began, his words infused with the weight of experience. “To harbor anger is akin to drinking poison and expecting another to suffer. In the end, it is you who bears the brunt of its toxicity.”

Though initially skeptical, Rajiv found himself pondering Guru Dev’s words long after their encounter had ended. In the quiet solitude of introspection, he began to discern the truth in the sage’s counsel. Slowly but surely, he embarked on a journey of self-discovery, learning to quench the flames of anger with the gentle waters of patience and forgiveness.

In time, Rajiv returned to Guru Dev’s humble abode, his heart overflowing with gratitude. “I see now,” he confessed, his voice suffused with newfound clarity. “Anger is indeed a perilous flame, but in letting it go, we find strength and serenity.”

As the seasons unfolded and life’s myriad trials tested his resolve, Rajiv carried with him the indelible lessons learned at the feet of Guru Dev. In the crucible of adversity, he discovered the transformative power of patience and forgiveness, forging a path illuminated by the radiant light of inner peace.

And so, the tale of Rajiv and Guru Dev serves as a timeless testament: that in the crucible of life’s trials, it is not the flames of anger that define us, but the steadfast resolve to extinguish them with the gentle radiance of patience and forgiveness.

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