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6.Create Project – SEGW.


SAP NetWeaver Gateway Service Builder tools is SAP GUI based modeler to create and publish Odata services using transaction SEGW. SEGW (Service Builder) is the starting transaction which can handle several projects in parallel.

Steps to create Project:

  1. Execute transaction code SEGW
  2. Create Project

3. Describe project name  , description and package.

4.Once you click on local object below screen will appear.

5.Project is created successfully.

Four folders will be created.

  1. Data Model
  2. Service Implementation
  3. Runtime artifacts
  4. Service maintenance.

Below are the key parameters present while creating a Data Model/OData Artifacts

  • Entity Types
  •  Entity Sets
  •  Complex Types
  •  Associations
  •  Association Sets
  •  Function Imports

Each entity type can have a so called data dictionary binding to an existing DDIC structure element. The data dictionary binding of entries allows for the reuse of semantics that SAP or the customer has stored in the data dictionary.

There are Properties and Navigation Properties associated with each Entity Type.

  • The name of the property is seen in the column “Name” which is visible externally to the OData world.
  • In the column “EDM Core Type”, we assign the EDM data type that is behind each property.
  • In the column “Label”, we can assign more details descriptions that will help the developer consuming the service to understand the purpose of this property.

Entity Sets are instances of entity types.Through the data dictionary binding of an entity type we will be able to derive:

  • A suitable EDM data type
  • The length of a data type, as well as
  • A proposal for the label.

The Navigation Property is a property which contains a link. The link represents an association instance. The association describes the cardinality between the entity sets.

An Association defines a relation from one collection to another collection. Recursive relations are allowed. Associations allow zero, one or many navigation relations in each of the two directions.

Entity Set is a collection in OData that represents a potentially empty resource of entries. The cardinality is zero to many.

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