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Count your blessings, not your troubles!


One ordinary day, amidst the routine hum of a classroom, the atmosphere crackled with anticipation as a professor strode in, his demeanor carrying an air of intrigue. With a mischievous glint in his eye, he announced a surprise test, sending ripples of nervous energy through the seated students. Their pens poised, hearts racing, they awaited the moment the test would unveil its challenges.

Silently, the professor traversed the room, distributing question papers with a flourish, the text concealed beneath their crisp surface. As each student received their sheet, a palpable tension filled the air. Then, with a simple directive, the professor unleashed the enigma: “Turn the page and begin.”

Expecting a barrage of questions, the students were confounded to find instead a solitary black dot, stark against the pristine expanse of paper. Bewilderment danced across their faces as they grappled with the task at hand. What did this dot signify? What was the professor seeking?

Undeterred by the lack of clarity, the students set pen to paper, each grappling with their interpretation of the solitary mark. Lines formed, words flowed, as they attempted to decipher the significance of the dot.

As the class drew to a close, the professor collected the answer papers, his gaze sweeping over the room. With a measured cadence, he began to read aloud, each word echoing in the hushed space. One by one, the students’ musings on the dot were laid bare, each offering a unique perspective on its presence.

Then, as silence settled like a gentle shroud, the professor spoke, his voice carrying the weight of wisdom. “I will not grade you on this test,” he declared, “but I wanted to provoke thought. You see, in focusing solely on the black dot, you overlooked the vast expanse of white surrounding it. Just as in life, we fixate on the flaws, the imperfections, neglecting the beauty that surrounds us.”

His words hung in the air, a gentle admonition to shift focus, to embrace the entirety of existence. “Life,” he concluded, “is a gift, replete with blessings waiting to be acknowledged. Look beyond the black dots, and you will find a canvas of endless possibility.”

And so, as the students filed out of the classroom, their minds abuzz with newfound insight, they carried with them a simple yet profound truth: amidst the darkness, the light of gratitude shines brightest.

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