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Anger is temporary, the damage it does is not!


Once upon a time, nestled in a quaint little village, there lived a boy with a fiery temper. His father, a wise man, pondered over a solution to tame his son’s unruly outbursts. One day, he handed the boy a bag of nails and laid down a rule: every time anger overcame him, a nail must be driven into the fence.

With each fit of rage, the boy pounded nails into the wooden fence, heedless of the damage he caused. Thirty-seven nails adorned the once pristine fence, a testament to the boy’s tumultuous emotions.

As days stretched into weeks, a transformation stirred within the boy. He found himself mastering his temper, each outburst subdued, each nail spared. Proudly, he approached his father, announcing his newfound control. The father, his eyes gleaming with pride, proposed a new task: to remove a nail for each day the boy held his anger in check.

The boy embarked on this journey, diligently extracting nails day by day until none remained. Bursting with excitement, he shared the news with his father, expecting praise and accolades. Instead, his father led him to the fence, its surface marred by the scars of countless nails.

“Look,” the father murmured, his voice tinged with solemnity, “see the marks left by your anger. Like these holes in the fence, your words in fury leave lasting scars. Apologies may be uttered, but the wounds they inflict endure.”

A profound realization dawned upon the boy as he traced his fingers over the rugged surface of the fence. Anger, he understood, yielded nothing but destruction. It tore down bridges, shattered peace, and etched irreparable scars upon the hearts of others.

With newfound wisdom, the boy vowed to temper his emotions, to build instead of destroy, to mend the fences of his relationships with care and understanding. For he knew now that anger, once unleashed, could ravage everything in its path, leaving behind a trail of irreparable damage.

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