4 Months

Automation of the process Transfer Posting of Purchaser Order

Automation and integration of subcontracting process with batch managed articles for PO,
transfer posting goods to subcontracting vendor and good receipt against subcontracting PO using
various BAPI, EXIT & Module pool programming.

Project for Future Group
My Role

Associate Software Developer


● Designed multiple screens for user so that user can enter Purchase Order number, update Batch
number and Quantity of line item of entered Purchase Order.
● Added code in BADI ‘MB_DOCUMENT_BADI’ to modify good receipt number as well as reverse
goods receipt number in custom table.
● Created ALV report, so that user can identify required quantity of batch article against article, site
and storage location.
● Created smartform to print preview of sub-contracting Purchase Order detail.

Team Size 5
Tools SAP ABAP editor 7.4