About Me

About Me

Disciplined and love to keep things simple.

πŸ“Œ ✎When I was 21 years old,I completed engineering in Information Technology without any real idea of what I wanted to do with my life, spending my days playing sports and surfing on internet. I was totally blank. Fortunately I was able to clear interview at Future Group.

πŸ“Œ ✎SAP journey started at 12th August 2013.I was being trained in SAP ABAP. It took me two years to realize that now I have to take this field seriously and have started focusing on it whole heartily.

πŸ“Œ ✎Eventually,I got my "dream break" as a SAP ABAP developer at Tata Consultancy Services. I learned many new technologies of SAP like SAP UI5/Fiori/HANA.

 πŸ“Œ ✎ I am a continuous learner, avid net-worker, always seeking opportunities for growth and development and I relish a challenge.I am relentless hard-worker and fitness freak.I love to make people laugh and keep environment lightening.


πŸ“Œ ✎Have multiple years of experience in the field of programming SAP UI5 and ABAP
with Future Group and Tata consultancy services.

πŸ“Œ ✎Possess strong analytical and problem solving skills, capable of high quality, low
defect development.

πŸ“Œ ✎ Very adept in developing Technical Specifications using customer facing skills.

πŸ“Œ ✎ Have supported complex project management lifecycles.

πŸ“Œ ✎ Very proficient in all the areas of ABAP.

πŸ“Œ ✎ Very strong team player.

skills expertise


SAP UI5 70%

SAP HANA Modeler 70%

HTML5 70%

CSS 70%

JavaScript 70%